Improving the educational experiences of young people
and preparing them to be full and active citizens of society

Work Experience

From year 10 onwards our pupils are offered the opportunity to go on work experience placements. We work with Changing Education to find the right placement for our pupils. Pupil's have careers interviews with Changing Education to discuss what they would like to do, monitor how placements are going and to practice valuable workplace skills. Some pupils will stay with the same employer for the entire year while others will gain experience through a number of different placements. All placements are  tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils. 

Work experience placements build confidence, increase and give pupils valuable and essential skills to add to their CV's. In the present very tough and competitive labour market young people need to stand out from the crowd and consistent work experience shows that they have a range of very desirable skills.

Craig Blount from Changing Education has visited school Parent Partners events to talk parents and carers about work experience. You can visit their website HERE