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Welcome to our Safeguarding page.

Safeguarding is central to everything we hope to accomplish as a team at Adelaide Heath Academy.  

Within this section you will be able to meet our safeguarding team, view our policies and procedures relating to safeguarding, access useful material/resources.

Safeguarding and Whistle blowing form an integral part of the staff interview and induction process.  All staff are required to read and sign an acknowledgement to demonstrate awareness and understanding of the Keeping Children Safe in Education document and all participate in the level 1 basic safeguarding awareness training which is revisited every year for  staff working in school.

We have been awarded the The Safeguarding Initiative Award in recognition for the exceptional safeguarding initiative we have taken during COVID-19 to keep children and young people safe. 

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Who To Contact

Mrs C Cartlidge 

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Telephone: 01625 383045


Mrs L Farrall

Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Telephone : 01270 685151


Mrs S Martin

Trust Safeguarding Lead


Telephone: 01270 685151


MS A Ashley 

Designated Safeguarding Governor