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At Adelaide Heath Academy we aim to meet both the learning needs as well as social and emotional need of all of our pupils. Staff work to ensure that each individual pupil has a personalised holistic plan that meets their needs. 

Therapies we offer: 

Art Therapy 

An art therapist works with pupils for a six week period to encourage self-expression and the resulting artwork is used to help pupils understand emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem and reduce anxiety.


Yoga is offered on a daily basis to all students. Yoga increases body awareness sharpens attention and concentration, calms and centres the nervous system, relieves stress and reduces tension. 

Emotional Literacy support (ELSA)

ELSA recognises that pupils learn better if their emotional needs are met. Several members of our staff team are trained as emotional literacy support assistant and therefor offer ELSA sessions daily. During these sessions pupils are supported with anger management, self-esteem, social skills, managing emotions, friendship, bereavement or any other emotional difficulties they face. 


Aromatherapy takes place on a Friday and is a holistic treatment that uses plant extracts to promote health and well-being. 

Animal Therapy

We give pupils the opportunity to help to care for animals in school. This includes, hatching and raising chicks, looking after chickens and rabbit therapy.