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The Hive at Adelaide Heath Academy is a specialist provision predominantly catering for pupils across Cheshire East who have exhibited Emotionally Based School Avoidance.  Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) also known as Anxiety Based School Avoidance (ABSA) is a term used to describe children and young people who experience challenges in attending school due to negative feelings such as anxiety. Here at The Hive at Adelaide Heath Academy we work closely with families, health care professionals and pupils to overcome these barriers and help to ease their anxiety around attending school.

Our aim is for each pupil to:

  • Have positive experiences where they can succeed
  • Develop feelings of safety, security and a sense of belonging
  • Develop positive relationships with peers and staff
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy and value in themselves
  • Develop ambition and motivation (values)
  • Develop social and emotional support and wellbeing in school

Our area within Adelaide Heath Academy’s main building has its own entrance and facilities to enable pupils to remain within this nurturing zone without having to access the main school, this helps to reduce anxieties around crowed spaces, loud noise, social interactions etc.   

Each pupil’s transition to The Hive and timetable is bespoke to them and is developed with a view to ease their anxiety and support small steps of success. Each pupil will work towards a range of qualifications as well as receiving a wide range of experiences to enhance their curriculum, confidence and wellbeing.

The Hive Curriculum

The Hive Curriculum Intent