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The Physical Education Curriculum at Adelaide Heath Academy focuses on “skill development”, increasing confidence as well as promoting a “positive mental wellbeing”.  Transferrable fine and gross motor skills are refined to allow pupils to succeed in everyday life as well as in a sporting capacity. Confidence is heightened through the implementation of progressive activities which allow pupils of all abilities to experience success. Positive mental wellbeing is developed through focusing on the importance of adopting a lifelong participation ethos

Pupils will become “Independent” by attempting new skills unaided within small-sided games. They will have to select the correct shot/tactic/pass/movement for the situation as well as make decisions that can influence the outcome of a game or phase of play.

Pupils will experience “Success” by performing new skills, completing new skills under pressure, selecting the correct pass/movement/run/shot for the situation, experience winning.

Pupils will become “Effective Communicators” by encouraging teammates, discussing tactics, giving & following instructions, giving and receiving peer assessment and analysing each other’s performance, whilst using specific vocabulary.

Pupils will become “Resilient” by being encouraged to “have another go” when encountering setbacks such as going behind during small sided games, or when trying to master techniques. Pupils will be encouraged to respond to adversity and encourage their peers.

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