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Food Technology


In Food Technology pupils at Adelaide Heath Academy explore their creativity using a range of ingredients and techniques. they will learn to follow recipes, show good food preparation routines and demonstrate excellent Food Hygiene and Safety.


In Food Technology pupils are taught how to become competent in a range of cooking processes such as selecting and preparing ingredients, using utensils and electrical equipment and how to adapt their own recipes and design their own menus.

Pupils are taught the importance of healthy eating and good nutrition.  Cooking a range of mostly savoury dishes, pupils are encouraged to explore flavours and textures and complete a skills record sheet so they can track their progress in class and build on their knowledge each week.

Pupils have their work assessed weekly with both practical and theory being marked thus allowing a lot of opportunity fro feedback.  Progress is measured by the use of a test at the start and end of each topic to see how much pupils have learnt.

Qualifications Offered:-

BTEC My skills Level 1 & 2 Home Cooking Skills

BTEC Award in Hospitality (GCSE Equivalent)


Curriculum Long Term Planning KS3 Food Tech 2018

Curriculum Long Term Planning KS4 Pathway One Food Tech 2018-2019

Curriculum Long Term Planning KS4 Pathway Two Food Tech 2018-2019

Curriculum Overview Food Tech KS3 KS4 2018-2019