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Art Department


Pupils at Adelaide Heath Academy explore their creativity and use their imagination studying Art at least once a week throughout the year.  They experiment with range of materials and techniques, explore a variety of themes and find inspiration by studying and appreciating the work of many Artists and Designers.

Pupils are taught the importance of talking about and recording their journey and process.

Through regular reflection we find ways to refine and develop their work further to create a fully realised final piece.

Appreciating Artists, experimenting, developing, reflecting and refining are the key skills we develop at KS3 to prepare us for success at KS4 studying GCSE Art and Design.

Pupils vibrant and exciting Art Work is displayed in Art Studio and in the hall and corridors around the school.  Year 11 pupils work is exhibited every year in the Summer Term ready for their GCSE examination.

Pupils have their work assessment weekly with both practical and theory work being marked thus allowing a lot of opportunity for feedback.   Progress is measured at the end of topic to see how much pupils have learnt.


Qualifications Offered:-

Entry Level Certificates Level 1,2 and 3 in Art and Design

GCSE Art  and Design: Fine Art and Photography.


Printable Sheets for Sketch Books

Long Term Planning Art 2018 -2019

Overview Art 2018-2019