Improving the educational experiences of young people
and preparing them to be full and active citizens of society


The aim is to provide a quality Mathematical experience for all students up to Key Stage 4 providing a sound basis for those wishing to study Mathematics post 16 and to prepare students for future employment by addressing their Numeracy Skills.


To provide a stimulating mathematical background for well-informed citizenship, meeting the National Curriculum Mathematics requirements at Key Stage 3 delivered in accordance with the National Numeracy Strategy.


The objectives are to meet the National Curriculum Mathematics requirements at Key Stage 4, providing appropriate Mathematics courses involving some form of external accreditation to all students at KS4.


To provided courses which emphasise equality of opportunity, multi-cultural awareness and links with personal development, family life and social responsibility.


To emphasise a learning environment which recognises positive achievement at all ability levels, encourages co-operation between students and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Maths Long term planning

Maths Long Term Planning