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Adelaide Heath Academy: FORM TUTOR GROUP

Each year group at Adelaide Heath Academy has an identified Form Tutor.  

This allows students to have a consistent start to the school day as they are greeted by a familiar face to ensure they start their day of learning in the best possible way. Form Tutors also provide a consistent point of contact to parent and carers for each student within their form.

The form groups are as follows:

Year 3/4/5/6

Ms N Baines/ Mr I Everson/ Miss J Rowley

Year 7

Ms L Frain/ Miss G Katterloher/ Mr J Barnabus

Year 8

Ms   K Gray/ Mr L Croughton

Year 9

Ms N Porter/ Miss D Oakes / Mr Kilshaw

Year 10 

Ms J Pomfrett 


Miss H Lawlor/Mrs N Norton