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Conduct and Anti-bullying 

Here at Adelaide Heath Academy, we are a no bullying school. We take this kind of behaviour extremely seriously. Here is some advice to follow if you experience bullying or know that it is happening to someone else. 

 What you can do if you experience bullying: 

Speak to a Bullying Ambassador in the school. There will be a notice board with the names of these Ambassadors. These pupils are trained and will do everything they can to help you. 

If you do not feel safe to do this here are some other ideas: 

  • Report it as soon as possible – tell someone that you trust. Remember that telling someone who can help IS a form of standing up for yourself. 
  • Keep a record of what is happening. Report everything to school so that it can be logged. If the bullying is online or on your mobile phone you can take a screen shot as evidence. You can also report this to the Social Media Provider. 
  • Do not retaliate – walk away if possible. If the bullying is online do not respond or reply. 
  • Spend time with people that make you feel good, stay with a group, there is safety in numbers. 
  • Do not blame yourself – it is not your fault. No matter what, you do not deserve to be bullied and it is wrong. 
  • Be proud of who you are, you are unique and special. 
  • Make sure you are only interacting with trusted friends on social media. 
  • Avoid getting others involved – it is important to be clear about what has happened. 


If someone else is being bullied, you can: 

  • Talk to them - check they are ok and let them know that you care. 
  • Take action following the information above. 
  • Do not get involved with the bully.