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SJW Science

Key stage 3 - Pupils complete the Exploring Science scheme of work from year 7 to year 9. They study Physics, Chemistry and Biology which includes topics such as electricity, chemical reactions and microbes and diseases. This sets the foundation for pupils to go on to study GCSE at key stage 4.


Key stage 4 – Pupils study the AQA Science course in years 10 and 11. They complete exams in Chemistry, Biology and Physics in the summer of year 11. This gives them the opportunity to further study Science once they leave SJW if they wish to do so.


Pupils get the chance to complete practical as well as written work during their time studying Science. They gain knowledge and insight into how Scientists conduct experiments and learn from their results as well as giving them the confidence and ability to question and test their own ideas and theories.


Science Long Term Curriculum 

 Science Long Term Curriculum