Improving the educational experiences of young people
and preparing them to be full and active citizens of society

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It is our intent at Adelaide Heath Academy, to provide pupils with a high-quality education in reading. We intend to:

  • Ensure that every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities  
  • Create confident independent readers.
  • Promote and encourage a lifelong enjoyment and love of reading
  • Encourage all pupils to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to help support emotional literacy whilst developing knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live.
  • Equip pupils to become effective communicators by using reading skills to learn more, remember more and understand more with increasing independence.
  • Develop a broad range of reading skills that can be applied to a wide range of reading text types and genres across the whole curriculum.
  • Ensure that, all pupils are able to read independently, both for information and for pleasure and to be able to transfer these skills to other subjects.
  • Provide books that are of high interest but also challenging (resilience and success)
  • Involve pupils in choice of books through school council (Pupil Voice) Create Reading Ambassadors
  • Provide regular opportunities for pupils to read independently, out loud and to be read to;
  • Commit (finance and time) to providing pupils with a range of resources to stimulate their desire to read;

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Our Parent Partner group and school staff support the school with reading by being positive role models. Every morning the whole school engages in ERIC time (25 mins) which is Everybody Reading in Class. Staff read alongside pupils modelling a love of reading. There are reading clubs set up for higher readers and intervention support for those still on the journey to success.