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Information for Parents

The School day

The school day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.05pm (32 hours and 5 minutes).

Transport Arrangements

Adelaide Heath Academy have young people attending school from various areas across and outside of Cheshire .

The Local Authority has a statutory duty to make transport available for children and young people who attend Adelaide Heath Academy, if they meet certain criteria for eligibility.

This is arranged in the form of transport from the young person's home to school and return journey. It may be a taxi or mini-bus.

Adelaide Heath Academy staff will be here to support you, discuss any issues, but the main responsibility lies between the Local Authority (Transport Services) and the taxi company.

It is important to note that transport is not a given right for young people, and the Local Authority will apply its eligibility criteria to help assess whether or not it will provide transport assistance.


There is a school uniform for all pupils from Primary up to Year 10. Pupils will be provided with 2 polo shirts, 2 jumpers and a fleece. Additional uniform can be purchased via the School Office. Pupils in uniform must wear grey or black school trousers, school shorts or school skirts. Pupils may also wear a bottle green gingham summer dress. All pupils in uniform must wear black school shoes or plain black trainers.

 We also offer a uniform exchange so that pupils/parents can exchange uniform for a bigger size, less damaged item.


Here is a picture of staff and pupils wearing the Adelaide Heath Academy polo shirts.

Anti Bullying 

Here at Adelaide Heath Academy we take any form of bullying seriously.

If your child shares that they are experiencing bullying at school, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead using the contact details below:

Mrs L Farrall

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Telephone : 01270 260680

Telephone:  01565 746946

Telephone: 07938665403