Improving the educational experiences of young people
and preparing them to be full and active citizens of society

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PSHE is taught as discreet lessons to all year groups. The curriculum is progressive and therefore builds on prior learning. 

At Adelaide Heath Academy an important part of the curriculum is developing pupils personal, social, health and emotion wellbeing. This will allow pupils to access the world around them and become active citizens. The curriculum builds on emotional intelligence by allowing pupils to understand different emotions that they feel, understand how to interpret other people’s emotions, supports pupils developing coping strategies and understand how they can support others emotions in a range of situations

Throughout PSHE we encourage pupils to communicate their own opinions, to ask questions, and to debate different ideas this is therefore building their effective communication skills. Our PSHE curriculum is designed to encourage the growth of independent thought and equip students with the skills they need to be independent both during their school years and in life after school.

Pupils will be taught to keep themselves safe and be empowered to make choices in life, this will allow pupils to become successful and caring members of the community. They will gain an increased understanding about diversity and the importance of respecting others. They will be encouraged to try new things and think about others perspectives this will increase pupil’s resilience.

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