Improving the educational experiences of young people
and preparing them to be full and active citizens of society

Curriculum Rationale and offer 


Through a nurturing environment pupils will develop the skills to become:

  • Independent
  • Resilient
  • Effective communicators
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Successful



The school’s curriculum fully encompasses the 2014 national curriculum and the new 2019 OFSTED new framework. It provides for an expression of our own priorities such as the Arts, PE and outdoor provision.


  • Long Term Curriculum Map- outlines the themes apportioned to each year group
  • Subject Lead Plans - outlines the themes for each year group and plans further action
  • Content summary- outline of key content, coverage and progression to be delivered
  • Medium term plans - linked to NC/ GCSE or accredited content, knowledge and activities
  • Knowledge and skills outline - outlining key knowledge and vocabulary we want pupils to know and skills that should eb demonstrated
  • P scales broken down using SOLAR with key descriptors lined to knowledge, skills and understanding



We define balance within the curriculum as the attention given to each curriculum area.  Thought has been given to the frequency of subjects taught, a consideration of whether some subjects can be taught in ‘blocks’ rather than appearing on the timetable every week and the specialist needs of the pupils linked to their EHCP.  The curriculum gives teachers sufficient time to teach and children sufficient time to learn.

For KS2, some subjects are grouped together as a theme or ‘topic’. These encompass history, geography, RE unless standalone, Careers, Design, Art and Technology. Usually, science runs alongside this theme so that cross curricular links strengthen learning. In KS3 we also take a thematic approach using TARGETs:

Technology, Arts, RE, Geography/ History, Enterprise and Business, and The study of Social Skills and PSHE.

In KS4 we use CoPE Modules to  embed and accredit learning including a range of short courses such as the Residential Short Course and Enterprise Short Course. 

Pupils have the opportunity to study for external qualifications such as GCSE, Entry Levels or Level 1/2 vocational qualifications including: Maths GCSE/ Entry Level, English GCSE/ Entry Level, Art GSCE/ Entry Level, Science L1/2 Award, PE L1/2 or Sports Leadership L1/2, IT Level 1.



A three-step continuous cycle is adhered to (plan, teach, assess).  Teachers plan lessons based on the assessed needs of the children.  Through whole school planning, subject leaders establish progressive and continuous curriculum long term plans in their subject. This is then translated into a whole school curriculum map.

At Adelaide Heath Academy, teachers’ medium term plans and knowledge organisers are written with clear learning outcomes and in-built progression in mind. Within each topic/theme, key knowledge is assessed frequently to ensure key knowledge is committed to pupils’ long term memory and skills are built upon.

English and maths are cornerstones of our curriculum. Without strong literacy skills children are unable to access other aspects of the curriculum. Reading is given a high priority, and in line with pupils’ EHCPS, additional time may be dedicated to further work in English and Maths: this might include additional writing sessions each week, booster work with teachers and teaching assistants or whole school initiatives.   

All pupils have social, emotional and/or mental health needs. We therefore teach and embed British Values, social and life skills teaching and personal self-control strategies across the day. 

In Key Stage 3 we promote independence and embedding of key skills by delivering the curriculum through a ‘nurture’ approach. This is largely based on primary model with one key teacher and a main classroom. The pupils may move to specialist areas for some lessons such as DT and PE but this continuity of provision and personnel provides stability and allows teachers to challenge and support pupils both academically and socially. 

At Adelaide Heath Academy, a creative and enriched curriculum is a fundamental part of school life.  We place great importance on the development of creative thought through PE, sports and outdoor education including Forest Schools.  Creative arts weeks, enrichment days and educational visits to arts venues play a major part in promoting this area of the curriculum. 



 At Adelaide Heath Academy SRE is currently taught via PHSE (PSD on reaching KS4).  Personal, Health, Social Education and Citizenship are also taught discretely and also permeate the whole of the curriculum.  Issues are addressed on a daily basis.  We aim to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy independent lives and become informed, active, responsible citizens.  All pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities and experiences across and beyond the curriculum, contributing fully to the life of our school and communities. We use the ASDAN CoPE Award at L1/2 to enhance and accredit pupils’ work in preparing for adult life and work experience.



We adopt an assessment for learning approach to ensure key knowledge is embedded. Alongside this, SOLAR give s stepped scale to allow us to summarise attainment against age related expectations and feeds into GCSE/ other accreditations. 


 Curriculum offer for each year group