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Sixth Form provides a broad and balanced curriculum for young people with a range of additional needs.  We provide the additional support often needed to develop social and emotional skills, in preparation for the next stage of their adult life. Sixth Form provides an environment where young people can be supported to grow and develop as individuals with a personalised learning programme that prepares them for adulthood.

We have a range of bespoke curriculum pathways that offer our young people the best possible outcomes. We have high expectations and expect all young people to achieve accreditations whilst in 6th form, with a continued focus on English and Maths PHSCE and RE, alongside work experience and the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills. We provide a functional curriculum that ensures young people are confident in booking a doctor’s appointment, understanding democracy and their right to vote, joining a new sports group, keeping themselves and those around them safe and living a fulfilling life.

Adelaide Heath Academy Sixth Form Curriculum Aims

  • Prepare young people for adulthood with high aspirations for a fulfilling adult life.
  • Provide curriculum pathways suited to the needs of each young person and based on their education, health and care plan to develop communication, social, emotional/mental health and independence.
  • Digital Employability skills.
  • Provide a range of Accreditation options to provide pupils with qualifications for the workplace and future study.
  • Plan for the future and ensure effective transitions.
  • Learn in real life contexts to become competent, motivated and confident learners.
  • Apply Functional Skills in a range of practical contexts to facilitate positive community access evidenced by their ability to contribute to the completion of every day and independent living tasks.
  • Ensure work experience provides a range of opportunities to explore possible future careers.
  • Build pupils resilience and ability to access virtual learning opportunities effectively to ensure progress.
  • Individual programmes linked to areas of interest, for example computing, Arts Award or Animal Care.

We are proud of our personalised approach to curriculum access and ensuring pupil voice and aspiration drives our offer.


A bespoke curriculum package is personalised to support the students in 6th form.  The key focus for all our students is building on progress so far.  This includes the essential foundation of English and Maths (from Entry level – GCSE) and a PHSCE award.  Students also engage in Digital Skills for Working Life, Employability and Careers. 

All students engage in life skills support, completing the home cooking skills qualification and skills for life.  Every member of the 6th form community is provided with work experiences and enterprise opportunities.

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English Curriculum Plan - Functional skills

English Curriculum Plan



The BTEC Level 1 Award/Extended Award in Workskills is designed to develop pupils employability skills allowing them to explore employment opportunities and access jobs.

This qualification puts learning into the context of the world of work, giving pupils the opportunity to apply their research, skills and knowledge in relevant and realistic work contexts. This applied, practical approach means pupils build the knowledge, understanding and skills they need for career progression or further study.

It enables pupils to:

· Develop skills valued by employers and are in demand in the workplace.

· Develop knowledge related to employability and the workplace.

· Embrace the 21st century workplace and build a career plan.

· Achieve a nationally recognised Level 1 qualification that prepares them for employment.

· Develop own personal growth and engagement in learning.

 From September 2023 the BTEC Level 1 Award in Workskills will focus on two units:

· Considering Your Own Work-related Skills and Behaviours.

· Selecting and Applying for a Job.

For pupils who complete an experience of the workplace they will be able to complete an additional unit to gain a BETC Level 1 Extended Award in Workskills:

· Participating in a Work Experience Placement.

BTEC Workskills Curriculum

Workskills Careers Overview